Ms. Vivian Bouet:

“It is obvious from the first moment that you talk to a Genius Circuit staff member that the team there has great passion for creating children’s books.  The meticulous attention to detail is astounding.  For each story, for each page, there is a back-story, a history, an angle, or a motive.  They even spend time naming the whimsical inventions that are in their fantasy illustrations but are never once mentioned in the story.  It’s incredible, really.

When I first saw early schematic drawings for a semi-ensorcelled clockwork cycle, for Tristan and the Magic Tin, I was floored.  This was the vehicle to be used in just two illustrations and even then the vehicle was only supposed to be secondary to the story – yet, they’ve built blue prints!

They have taken deep care here.  I cannot wait to see the final product.  There’s a lot of positive energy here and a fun team to work with.”

– Vivian Bouet, Author, Tristan and the Magic Tin

Semi-Ensorcelled Clockwork Cycle
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