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Inspiration comes at different times in the morning…

The idea came suddenly and was inspired by one of my favorite movies.  I’ll tell you which one later.  I couldn’t stop writing and I was so excited that I was pacing my office at 3:12 AM as the ideas just kept on coming.  It typically happens like that for most stories, but this one felt different.

The title of the book is, “The Misadventures of Bertie, the Witch”.  As the story evolves and moves forward, I’ll provide new updates.  Hopefully, when you see it, you’ll like it.  The idea is one of my favorites, simply because Bertie mirrors some of my personality in terms of clumsiness.

I’ve told several people that I get about three really clumsy days a year.  In 2012, so far, I’ve blown up my microwave and shut the car door on my right thumb.  I’ve got one more mishap to go and 6 months left.  I may need to up the quota this year!

– Vivian Bouet

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