Tristan and the Magic Tin

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We would like to announce a new project launch:  Tristan and the Magic Tin

Story Synopsis:
Tristan is an orphan boy who lives with and works for an old magician.  You would think that being a magician’s assistant would be great but the truth was that the magician wasn’t very good.  In fact, much to Tristan’s embarrassment, their act was chock full of accidents and disasters.

One day, while rummaging through the old man’s chest, Tristan finds a rusty, rather odd-looking tin. When he questions the old magician about it, he brushes it off as nothing.  When Tristan examines the tin, he is suddenly pulled into a vortex that transports him to a magical world.   In the magic world, Tristan meets two kids who show him what real magic is, which is quite different from the tired old tricks of the old magician.  Impressed by their magic skills, Tristan begins to boast about how he too was a great magician.  Unfortunately for Tristan, wicked ears hear his false boasts.  When Tristan is kidnapped, what follows is a desperate adventure to return home.

Page 1:
Tristan Whipp had been a magician’s assistant for as long as he could remember. He sometimes got applause, and he learned a few tricks here and there, but mostly it wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. He traveled a lot and slept on floors and only made enough to buy the simplest of food. Because, the truth was . . . well, the magician wasn’t very good.

Page 2:
Oh, Moopus Glubb had been a great magician once upon a time. But that time had passed. Now, he was a bumbling old man who did sad tricks for tiny audiences. Yet Tristan loved Moopus like a father, for the old man had taken him in as an orphan and loved him in his way.

Page 3:
     One night as Tristan was packing up, he noticed an old, rusty tin at the bottom of Moopus’s trunk. He could barely make out the words etched into the top: MAGIC LIES WITHIN.
    “What’s this?” he asked.
    The old man squinted at the tin. “That’s nothing. Just some nonsense from when I still believed in magic.”
    With that, Moopus dozed off where he was sitting, leaving Tristan to examine the old tin.


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