New Project: The Misadventures of Bertie the Witch

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We have a new project that we’re dying to share with you:

Our children’s book author, Vivian Bouet, has just penned the start of a new children’s picture book series called, The Misadventures of Bertie, the Witch.  After reading it, we have to say that we all love it!  It’s imaginative, adventurous, and hilarious.   As a result, it’s been added to the pipeline of new projects that Genius Circuit will start working on.  So into the creative virtual room we go!!

Team – bring your sticky notes, creative brains and some research on how to do the Argentinian Tango (inside joke – we’ll share it with our readers soon)!

Definition: ‘witch tango’  [wich] [tang-goh]  1. a fun, ballroom dance of witch origin, danced by Bertie the Witch and partner, Broom, and having many varied steps, figures, and poses.  2. music for this dance.


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  1. We’re working on what Bertie will look like – at this very moment. Since we’re not done yet, we’ve decided to place a temporary image placeholder for her. More updates coming soon.