Forbidden, A Sirion Series

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We’ve currently have several projects that are in flight or about to take off and we’re really exited to announce a new project, for children, ages 9+.    Written by author, Vivian Bouet, Forbidden, is a fantasy thriller for kids that truly excites you with its fast-paced writing.

Forbidden, A Sirion Series
It is exciting times at Thirador, a city world where the balance of life is most important.  Three teenage friends, a human girl and two Sirions boys, are up to their usual rousing hijinks right when the Magia Festival, a festival that draws humans and Sirions from all corners of the world, is about to start.  However, serious trouble is brewing beneath the surface and evil is working hard to shift the balance, in its favor.  It will work to corrupt the good and make others question The Balance.

Through a series of events, the best friends are thrust into the center of what could destroy their friendship and maybe even the world.  Will jealousy, anger, hatred, greed, and the thirst for power destroy everything that they know?  Find out in Forbidden, The Sirion Series.

Release Date:  Summer 2013

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