New Children’s Picture Book – Based on a Zany Character

There’s always something to love about zany characters.  Perhaps because we, as children, discovered and met a lot of wonderful zaniness in the world.  With such vivid imaginations, children are major contributors that make our world such an interesting to place to both explore and live in.  Zaniness shapes our memories.  It shapes us.

So we decided to base our next project on showcasing that core bit of zaniness that we cherish inside, even though we are sometimes embarrassed by it as adults.  In our design process, we remembered and celebrated our awkwardness, shyness, and yes, despite our parents’ best efforts – sometimes downright bad manners as children.  We are now in the process of embodying that into our little zany character that we’ll lovingly refer to as “T”, for now.

Inspiration for “T” was driven by a favorite children’s writer of ours.  The author himself seems to embody zaniness, and we love it.

We look forward to sharing him, yes – T is a “he”, and hopefully soon.

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