Tristan and the Magic Tin – The Magic World

STORY Summary:  Tristan is an orphan boy who lives and works for an old magician.  You would think that being a magician’s assistant would be great but the truth is that the magician isn’t very good.  In fact, much to Tristan’s chagrin, their act is chock full of accidents and disasters.

One day, while rummaging through the old magician’s chest, Tristan finds a rusty, rather odd-looking tin.  When he examines it, he is suddenly pulled into a vortex that transports him to a magical world where he meets two kids who show him what real magic is.  Impressed by their magic skill, Tristan boasts about how he too is a great magician.  Unfortunately for Tristan, wicked ears hear his false boasts.  What follows is a frightening adventure, which leaves Tristan desperately wanting to return home.

 Illustration Summary:  The Magic World

This illustration shows the moment Tristan arrives in magical world.  Designed by Vivian Bouet, the goal was to use bright colors to differentiate between the real world and the magic world.  Secondly, the story script describes the magic children doing ordinary chores – laundry, yet in an extraordinary way. This illustration was the first to be completed in the book and set the tone for the rest of the project.

Illustration Evolution

Magic World

Original Black & White Concept:  from magical laundry to floating islands, a team of five artists and designers collaborated to create to edit the first set of illustration concepts.

Original Color Concept: we were still working on character designs and seeing them in color ultimately helped us to finalize Tilly and Flint’s outfits.  The last major modifications were around a) reducing the clouds to help create a lighter, happier feel; b) changing the character outfits, and finalizing the flower designs because they hold magical secrets inside.  For the final image, see above.

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