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Genius Circuit is looking for talented and imaginative writers who can pen creative children’s stories. Ideally, you will have tons of experience writing for this genre and age groups.

How this will work:
You will be given a series of illustrations and based on those illustrations, you will create a story. The stories should be full of excitement, humor and emotion. In some cases, you will build upon existing characters/storylines and in other cases; you build new ones – usually the latter. We will start you with one but there is potential for many stories to be paid on an individual basis. The work is repeatable. Once you are selected as a provider, we will typically come to you first for more work.

If you have not written for children before or cannot provide examples of your previous work, please do not apply.  This posting is for children’s authors only. Award-winning or published authors preferred.

Target Audiences:
– Ages 3-6: Pre- to Beginning Readers
– Ages 5-7: Grades 1-3

Submission Process:
The submission process will be as follows: provide a sample of your existing work that targets one of the audiences mentioned above. An original writing sample submission is required. If you would like us to look at your portfolio, please identify the specific writing samples that you feel would be applicable for the target demographic.

Page Design:
Most of the books will be picture books. When you work on the books, you will also be required to provide a brief summary of the accompanying illustration for each page. Your descriptions should be well-thought through.

Story Lengths:
5-10 pages; 250 words per page; 12 Point Arial Font
Page lengths can be changed (shortened or lengthened) based on the story, but will remain in the page range. The suggested length is given only for guidance and is not written in stone.

An NDA (non-disclosure) agreement will be included as part of the terms.

All submissions must be original. We retain all rights. A ghostwriting contract may be required.

Submissions:  please send your submissions to for consideration.  Since we receive a lot of submissions, we may not be able to respond to all applications.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who has applied! We’ve received a lot of submissions, more than 90!, and we really appreciate the many sample stories that we’ve read. We continue the process of reviewing applications and have already filled one of the two open positions. Stay tuned for more news in the next few days!

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