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From Vivian Bouet:

It never ceases to amaze me when I meet a child who loves art and loves to draw.  When I look at their work, I tend to be awed by both the simplicity and complexity of what they capture so honestly.

A little more than a week ago, I met Emma who was visiting with her mother at work.  Emma is a beautiful, well-mannered, and patient child who had to put up with a bunch of adults for a few extra hours than originally planned.

Rather than be bored while her mother did grown-up things, Emma decided to draw all the people in the office as they walked in and out of the conference room we were  meeting in.  I was one of them.  Here is what amazed me.  In the very short time that she had to capture her subject, she captured what they were talking about, what was important to them, and who they were.

Of course, all of this awesomeness was happening and I wasn’t even aware of until very quietly and without saying a word she handed me a drawing of how she saw me.  (Her full illustration is shown below)  I was so pleasantly surprise that it completely transformed my day.  The drawing was beautiful! I loved how it captured the essence of me in that moment.  During that day, I had been at the white board working, and then talking, probably pacing, and being quite animated as usual.  What Emma did was capture my propensity to be visual and head to a whiteboard to draw what I’m trying to say rather than just say it.  It was brilliant.

Truly honored, I thanked her and promised her to write about it on the Genius Circuit blog.

More formally, I’ve decided to write a letter of response to her beautiful depiction of me and share it with well …everyone!

“Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for the lovely drawing!  You made me feel special and you put a smile in my heart with your beautiful illustration. I’ve told so many people about you and they were as amazed as I was about what you did.

I also want to thank you for being so patient with all of us adults that day and for turning an ordinary day into beautiful art.  You are very special and you are very talented.  I also saw the other illustrations that you made for the others and they were just as beautiful.  Meeting you is one of the reasons that I remain inspired to keep writing children’s books.  I hope to capture a small piece of the magic that you created for me – in my books.

I hope that we meet again soon and I hope to see more of your art!

– Warmest thanks, Vivian Bouet”

Emma's Art Full

Emma's Art - A Child's Vision of Vivian Bouet

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