Ms. Vivian Bouet:

“It is obvious from the first moment that you talk to a Genius Circuit staff member that the team there has great passion for creating children’s books.  The meticulous attention to detail is astounding.  For each story, for each page, there is a back-story, a history, an angle, or a motive.  They even spend time naming the whimsical inventions that are in their fantasy illustrations but are never once mentioned in the story.  It’s incredible, really.

When I first saw early schematic drawings for a semi-ensorcelled clockwork cycle, for Tristan and the Magic Tin, I was floored.  This was the vehicle to be used in just two illustrations and even then the vehicle was only supposed to be secondary to the story – yet, they’ve built blue prints!

They have taken deep care here.  I cannot wait to see the final product.  There’s a lot of positive energy here and a fun team to work with.”

– Vivian Bouet, Author, Tristan and the Magic Tin

Semi-Ensorcelled Clockwork Cycle
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Michelle Izmaylov:

“Genius Circuit is one of the most promising companies I’ve ever worked with. They are professional, provide very quick feedback, and are very extremely kind and courteous. If you’re looking for an employer who welcomes suggestions with open arms and treats you like an equal in the business, this is the place. They are intelligent and a pleasure to work with. I personally can’t wait to do another of their projects!”

Project:  The Night After Christmas
Author:  Vivian Bouet
Site: Michelle Izmaylov, Award-Winning Author


From Us…
– We loved working with Michelle!  She is absolutely amazingly and is an incredibly talented writer and editor.  We cannot wait to see what she does next in her own personal projects.  Michelle – thank you for all of your contributions to our project. – Genius Circuit

RJ Temple
RJ Temple:

“Working with Genius Circuit was great! They are so innovative and creative. Truly working with them enhanced my abilities as a Sound Designer. I’m definitely looking forward to the next project. It was a pleasure to bring such a great story to life.”

Project:  The Night After Christmas
Author:  Vivian Bouet

Site: RJ Temple – Producer, Songwriter, Musician


From Us…
– RJ, the project was incredibly fun and you were professional and great to work with.  We certainly wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope to work with you again the future.  -Genius Circuit