Q?Who is Genius Circuit?

Genius Circuit is a small, new company based out of Chicago, Illinois in the United States.  Although we are small, our creative dreams are big and we love to work on innovative and imaginative work.

Currently, Genius Circuit is working to build a collection of digital books, animated shorts, kid’s games, educative applications, and interactive applications.  In other words – we strongly believe in the digital medium to reach out to kids and young adults aged 2–17.

Q?What do you believe in?

As parents, we believe in the beauty of a child’s mind.  And just as strongly as we believe the future of children, we also believe in new and emerging artistic talent.

Each project that we work on typically requires us to work with a network of talented illustration and animation artists, voice talent, sound artists, actors, writers, editors, as well as social media and marketing teams – creating a much larger collaborative unit – the Genius Circuit.

Q?What is your creative process?

We start from the very beginning – from idea conception – to start thinking about how it applies to the digital medium, as well as print.  Then we leverage our experience to turn our books, products, and educational content into what is hopefully beautiful interactive reading and learning experiences for children and young adults.

In terms of creating, we’re somewhat of a quirky bunch when it comes to creating things.  Just about anything can trigger a spark.  Music, art, books, movies, a green-spotted frog – anything sparks the creative process.  We hum, we dance, we run, we walk, we sleep, and we play… it all contributes to something.

Q?What is digital storytelling?

Historically, storytelling has been defined as the telling of events using words, images and sounds, often with improvisation or embellishment. With the proliferation of mobile devices, this becomes even more directly applicable to innovating how we deliver children’s content, with a focus on picture books.

Writing for this new expansive medium now has created a new breed of diverse storytellers.  They no longer just come from a literary background.  They are still storytellers but they come from backgrounds including film direction, acting, music, animation, and software development.  Each story becomes a collaborative effort of many team members.

From Genius Circuit founder and Children’ Book Author, Vivian Bouet:

“When I write, my focus is always on creating the best story that I can.  The new added dimension is that in the back of my mind, I’m also thinking about how a 3- or 4-year old will interact with the story on a digital device.  It adds so many new fundamentals to the creative process and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!”

Q?Are you experts in creating mobile applications?

Anyone who has tried to create multi-media based products targeted for mobile devices such as IPAD and iPhone as well as print, at the same time, will tell you that it is challenging in the best-case scenario.

We are learning so much from the projects that we’re working on. As we learn, we adapt how we build those products.  We cannot say that we are experts, in fact far from it.  Instead, we can say that we are great adapters for the interactive medium.  The medium is still evolving and we are evolving with it.

Q?Who do you work with?

We like to work with anyone who is not afraid to work out of their comfort zones, who thinks differently, is a hard-worker, and has that certain spark – that genius circuit.  They are not afraid of experiencing and doing new things – even those things that they are not specifically trained for.  They have an eagerness to learn and strive for perfection.

We review many resumes and portfolios each month.  We reach out to those individuals or studios that we feel have something special to offer.   Once selected, contractors may work either in a team or in a solo environment, depending on project needs.

Upon product completion, Genius Circuit promises to promote and recommend these talented individuals / studios to other professionals in the industry.  We also give them special billing on our products.

If you are interested in joining, then of course, we’d love to hear from you.  Please submit your portfolio by writing to hr@geniuscircuit.com.  Don’t forget to tell us what you’re good at, what you love to do, and how you feel you can contribute to mobile apps and educative programs for kids.

Q?Where are you located?

Although our offices are in downtown Chicago, all projects are set up so that you can work virtually, from the comfort of your own studio or home.  Sometimes, we meet in the office – but it is not often and it only applies to those local to the greater Chicago area.  This allows us to be very flexible in terms of who we can work with.  In addition to local talent, we have worked with talent from the following countries:  Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Ukraine.

All teams, regardless of location, meet virtually at least once a week and project milestones are set by a project lead, with clearly defined milestones.

The environment, although fun and virtual, is professional.

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