About Us & More

Our history is short because we are a new company.  However, our passion for children’s books is not and based on a love for kids and their .  Genius Circuit was founded by Vivian Bouet,who started her career as a computer scientist and software engineer by trade.  However, she has always loved to work on creative projects around art, reading, animation, and short films.  She loves to write children’s books, design art, build storyboards, and work on small animation projects.  She spent her childhood and adult life traveling internationally, to Europe and Africa, and moved to the Chicago area in 2004.  She draws from from that experience, including a love for music and dance, to create write her stories.

Founded in 2010, as a side project, Genius Circuit was started to bring together a team of burgeoning creative talent to work on children’s books.  The goal was to build books, from scratch, and target them for both print and mobile applications.  The team was also founded on the principal of fostering an environment such that anyone, from anywhere, can work collaboratively on a project in with tons of support and encouragement.